With assistance from the IDRC, the Academy organized a series of public lectures on the theme Environment and Development. The Lectures were based on on-going or completed researches on Topical issues and were aimed at enhancing public awareness in the areas of Environment and Development. The public lectures had the objective of highlighting levels of achievement and endeavour in scientific research in environment, its management and related issues. They also encouraged exchange of ideas between researchers, policy makers and the general public on environmental issues and their effect on society and identifying gaps in environmental management as a basis for future research. The following topics were covered in the public lecture series: • Desertification and Sustainable Development • Water Resources and Water Pollution • Energy and the Environment • Biodiversity and their conservation • Environmental Impact of Mining • Disposal of hazardous chemicals and the environment • Management of Kenyan cities in the 21st century • Health under changing climate • Cost benefit analysis of environmental education • Environmental impacts on socio-economic conditions in Kenya • Population pressure and environmental degradation • Natural disasters preparedness, environmental degradation and sustainable development