MSc. (Moscow), PhD. (Brandels), M. Inst. P.      

Prof. Malo was born in Kano, Kisumu County in 1941. He received his early education at the Friends High School, Kamusinga before being awarded a U.S.S.R. scholarship to study in Moscow. On his return from studies in the USSR in 1968, he joined the Department of Physics, University of Nairobi. He rose through the ranks to his current position of Professor of physics. He was very active in curriculum development within the Department of Physics and has taught most of the undergraduate and postgraduate basic and specialized courses. His research interest include: theoretical studies in plasma, solid state, statistical and mathematical physics, quantum chemistry, energy and transportation. Prof. Malo is a member of the Institute of Physics of the United Kingdome (M.Inst.P.). He has published a considerable number of scientific papers in journals of international repute and also participated and presented papers in many national and international meetings on science and technology.  For approximately two years, he was consultant for UNESCO Regional Office for Science and Technology in Africa (UNESCO-ROSTA) in the basic sciences. He was the Coordinator of the Physics Sub-network of Scientific and Technological Institutions (ANSTI). He is the founder member and current Chairman of the Kenya National Association of Physicists (KNAP). He is also a member of the National Commission of Science, Technology and Innovation Committee on Application of Nuclear Science and Technology (CoANST) and immediate past Chairman of the Kenya National Academy of Sciences (KNAS).