BSc. (Hons), Ph.D, Dip.ED (E.A).

Prof. Mutere was born at Musanda, Kakamega District in 1929. He received his early education at Kakamega and Alliance high schools, before proceeding to Makerere College in Uganda where he received his diploma in Education in 1953. He was admitted to the University of Durham in England where he studied and was awarded B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Zoology in 1962. He later joined Makerere University College where he undertook postgraduate studies in Zoology and was awarded a Ph.D. degree in 1964. He continued lecturing in Zoology at Makerere until 1969 when he was transferred to the University of Nairobi, Zoology Department. Prof. Mutere held many senior positions at the University of Nairobi including the position of Deputy Vice Chancellor (in charge of Academic Affairs). He was a member of many scientific societies. He was the Vice Chairman of The Kenya National Academy of Sciences (KNAS). Prof. Mutere's Ph.D. thesis elucidated on the biology of the African straw-coloured fruit bat, Eidolon heluum Kerr. Among other findings of interest was the unexpected delayed implantation in this tropical/equatorial fruit bat. Such a phenomenon was hitherto only associated with species of the temperate climates. This study led on to other related studies on the tropical and equatorial bat fauna centering on their reproductive ecology. Over 20 publications resulted from this. Prof. Mutere was the Chairman of the Board of Management of the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, a Government research institute that caters for all research activities in fish and hydrobiology in Kenya since 1979. Prof. Mutere passed on in the year 2010 and is post-humously honored.