To be a world class national professional organization for the promotion and effective utilization of science, technology and innovation for sustainable development.


    To mobilize the science community in the creation, maintenance and advancement of knowledge in all fields of human endeavor, to effectively inform policy, build capacity in research and innovation, and provide solutions to improve quality of life

16 1Membership to The National Academy is open to Citizens of the Republic of Kenya of certain standing, and selection is through application and subsequent election. Members are conferred by the Governing Council. There are three categories of Memberships which include Fellows, Members and Honorary Fellows. Fellows and Members of KNAS are granted the initials FKNAS for Fellows and MKNAS for Members after their names to indicate their status in the Academy. This is also a mark of scientific academic distinction and integrity. The Academy currently has 49 Fellows and 127 Members. Attached please find the 1st Edition of the publication of Profiles of the Fellows and Members of KNAS.

The KNAS is governed through the Governing Council which is responsible for carrying out the functions of the academy as specified by the KNAS by-Laws. Members of the Governing Council are elected at the AGM and serve for a period of six years. The governing Council has representation from the Ministry of Education and members of government research bodies including NACOSTI. The Head of State is the Patron of the Academy.